Photo Services

Photographic services fall into three broad categories.

Firstly:  Artwork and product photography.  If you have any sort of artwork that needs to be recorded for archival , web, or printing purposes, and the process is of a value to you that exceeds what you can do on an iPhone, then consider getting it done by IT4theArty.  Small artworks and jewellery can be nicely lit on a limbo background using macro or even post-focus techniques for sharpness. Larger pieces can be assessed and the process can be completed at premises of your choosing.

Secondly: Portraiture. I do corporate style and individual portraits, either limbo, or environmental.  I can shoot you in your studio, or in your chair!

Thirdly:  Photo restoration. Professional quality photo restoration is available using a wide range of techniques. You can provide photos to be scanned, or your own scans.  Dust and scratches, blemishes, and even body parts can be painstakingly improved.  Final output can be to image files or to a high quality archival printer. Prices range according to difficulty; all is based on time.