Developing the IT4theArty Website

Developing this website has been a very interesting process in itself for me. It is based on a WordPress theme ‘framework’ called Underscores and is a scratch build. I did it during a development course from run by Morten Rand-Hendriksen who coached me – in a manner of speaking – through the process. The real benefit, aside from getting exactly what I wanted, is that the framework has been thought through using the latest ‘responsive’ design techniques, allowing it to work well, and look good on everything from an iPhone to a desktop environment.

A screenshot of the new version of the IT4theArty website ]

The project contained much coding in PHP and Javascript, which I cannot pretend to be an expert in, and much styling using HTML and CSS, with which I am much more familiar.

The upshot of going through the whole design and build process is that I now have a pretty good grip on how a WordPress site is put together, and a pretty good understanding of how to break down a theme into its component parts and restyle it to my own (or a clients) requirements.

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